Driver Education Classes
Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, our Driver Education program will continue to be an online format. All Fall classes are full but we will be offering classes in the Spring. Registration for Spring Driver Education classes will begin on November 1st. Thank you for your interest in our program!

Driver’s Education

Welcome to Drivers Education! We’re looking forward to serving your student. The State of SD requires that every driver education student complete 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of driving instruction with an 80% or higher grade in each area, in order to successfully complete this course. Failure to meet this minimum standard will disallow the student from receiving the Driver Education Certificate of Completion, which will result in the student having to take the written and/or driving test at a SD driver license exam station. The course cost is $289, payable upon registration. Two weeks prior to class, the parent/guardian will receive specific details regarding the class via the email address they provide at registration.

  • The dates shown for each class is the 30-hours of classroom. The 6-hours drive time is scheduled outside of the classroom, implementing the buddy system (2 students in the vehicle). Accommodating the instructor/student schedules means this portion could take several months to complete.
  • Once driving schedules are established, students are required to attend their sessions, with NO exception to this policy, except an emergency.
  • It is strongly recommended and preferred the student have their Instructional Permit prior to the driving portion, allowing them to legally practice driving, increase comfort level behind the wheel and promote proper paperwork for future licensing.
  • Benefits of the course include: waiver of 90-days of 180-day Instruction Permit holding period, no testing at the DMV upon successful completion, guided practice with State certified instructors, and insurance discounts at most major companies.