Test Center

We provide a range of testing services. To learn more about any of our Test Center services, contact us at (605) 394-5120.

Employment Skills and Computer Assessments

With every new hire comes a great deal of expectation – as well as a great deal of energy and expense. Even though the interview process reveals a great deal, you can only speculate whether the person you have selected will have the critical skills necessary for success in your environment. This testing provides interactive, ready to use, skills testing to measure a candidate’s skill level helping to determine whether applicants have basic, intermediate or advanced skills.

Office Proficiency Assessment and Certification (OPAC)

Over 30 validated tests including: Keyboarding, 10-Key, Data Entry, Medical Terminology, Legal Terminology, Basic Math and many more with the OPAC (Office Proficiency Assessment and Certification) Testing Software.

Total Testing

Choose from over 800 interactive and validated tests that are affordable for all needs, large or small.

GED® Testing

The Career Learning Center is an official GED® Test Center. To register to test, visit the registration test site at www.GED.com

Professional Certification and Licensure Testing

The Career Learning Center (CLC) represents numerous test centers providing national certification and licensure exams. The CLC has met the comprehensive facility, technology and security requirements for all test centers represented at our location. We offer secure and standardized testing conditions with highly trained and knowledgeable proctors to ensure the best customer service. For a complete list of tests, download our Professional Assessments, Certifications, and Licensures brochure.

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