Workforce Connections

Supporting adults to further their education and training.

What Services Will I Receive from the Workforce Connections Program?

The Workforce Connections Program provides navigation support, mentoring, and advocacy to individuals pursuing adult education.

Supports can include:

  • Support Obtaining a GED®
  • Career Exploration
  • Mentoring to Pursue Further Education and Training
  • Assistance with Education and Training Expenses
  • Assistance with Other Emergency Expenses
  • Resource Navigation
  • Resume Development
  • Developing Interview Skills

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What is the Workforce Connections Coalition?

A group of area community partners who collaborate to reach the goals of the Workforce Connections Program. Activities of the Coalition will include:

  • Sharing expertise including workforce development strategies.
  • Serving as advocates to promote the program.
  • Providing agency and organization updates that benefit the participants.

Program Goals

  • To increase the number of individuals entering education and training programs that lead to higher wages. 
  • To create a workforce to meet employer needs. 

Why Participate?

  • Increased education and training are fundamental to improving the well-being of families and communities in the Black Hills. 

Who is this for?

  • Individuals with a high school diploma or GED® who want to refresh their academic skills to pursue further education and training. 

  • Individuals without a high school diploma who want to earn their GED® and pursue further education and training. 

Participant Testimonials

I feel so much relief and hope from working with Lori Larson and the Workforce Connections program. I feel like I have more stability and something to look forward to. Which is hopeful and wonderful! I hate to ask for help; but I do need help, and I wish I knew of this program sooner. 

Lori is amazing! I love working with her very much. I admire her work and her dedication to help those in need. I appreciate the sense of safety and diligent care from the Workforce Connections program. I believe it is a rare program that needs to be fortified indefinitely; because it significantly helps.

I hope that this program receives the resources that it needs because I will attest that it is helping those in need. 


Taite Newland

My experience at the CLC was great. The teachers were very helpful. It was a nice and quiet environment to help me study a lot. Working with [Lori Larson] was very helpful, so thank you. – Jason Blackbear

The Workforce Connections program is a very professional network and environment suitable to influence, motivate, and meet requirements that most people need to establish some sort of direction, guidance, and structure. And working with [Lori Larson] to me has been a blessing and in my opinion anyone will love, respect, appreciate, and value. Your experience, individuality, and mentorship has influenced me and I cherish all those things and look forward to keeping the relationship solid. – Brandon Highpipe

Workforce Connections was funded by a grant awarded by the John T. Vucurevich Foundation. The grant funding provides assistance and support to adult education students so that they can enter into and succeed in post-secondary programs that ultimately lead to wages for families to be self-sufficient, while creating a pipeline to meet high-demand, high-wage jobs in the Rapid City area. The project will be implemented through BHSSC’s Career Learning Center of the Black Hills, located on Watertown Street in North Rapid City.